National Specialty Lighting tests average bulb life and LED life under standard industry specifications. Lifetime figures and warranty periods for each product line are listed below. Individual bulb life or LED life experience may vary with actual environmental conditions (i.e, proper installations, ambient temperature, and input voltage fluctuations).


National Specialty Lighting, Ltd. ("NSL") hereby warrants to the original purchaser only, the following products, for the warranty periods specifically identified for each product below, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. If the original purchaser of an NSL product listed below discovers any defect in the material and workmanship in such product during the applicable warranty period, NSL shall, at NSL's cost, repair or replace, at NSL's sole option, any defective product. The applicable warranty period shall commence on the date the product is shipped from NSL's warehouse facility. The foregoing warranty shall include cost of shipment of the product from and to the original purchaser and NSL, but NSL shall have no responsibility for any labor charges relating to the removal, installation or reinstallation of the product. The products may represent a possible shock or fire hazard if improperly installed or attached in any way. THIS EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY PRODUCTS WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN INSTALLED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE OWNER'S MANUAL, CURRENT LOCAL CODES, AND/OR THE CURRENT NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE. All warranty claims or questions should be addressed to NSL, Attn: President, 2299 Kenmore Avenue, Tonawanda, NY 14207. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE. EXCEPT FOR THE FOREGOING EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY, NSL MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO ITS PRODUCTS.

LED eStrip 40,000 2 years
LED Tape Light 40,000 2 years
LED Thin Star 40,000 3 years
LED Task Star 40,000 3 years
LED Mini Star II 40,000 3 years
LED Sconce Star 40,000 2 years
LED Step Star 40,000 2 years
LED Brick Star 40,000 2-3 years
LED Wall Star 40,000 2 years
LED MiniDisc Light 40,000 2-3 years
LED Surface Star 40,000 2 years
LED Brite Strip 40,000 2 years
LED Fiber Optic 40,000 2 years
Halogen Galaxy Fiber Optic 5,000 1 year (6 mos. - bulbs)
Brite Strip & Accessories 10,000
1 year (6 mos. - bulbs)
(3 mos. - MR11 bulbs)
Xenon Task Light 10,000 1 year
Xenon Wall Light 10,000 1 year
Xenon Step Light 10,000 1 year
Xenon Brick Light 10,000 1 year
Xenon Mini Light 10,000 1 year
Transformers and Dimmers -------- 1 year
LED Drivers -------- 2 years