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When it comes to upgrading your under cabinet lighting, consider the versatile 5CCT LED Task Bar offered by NSL. This lighting fixture brings customization, true color representation, energy efficiency, easy installation, versatility, and durability to your kitchen space.

Important Aspects of the 5CCT LED Task Bar

  • Lighting for Every Occasion: Embrace the 5-Color Temperature (5CCT) technology of this LED lighting system, allowing you to adapt your under cabinet illumination to different settings:
    • 2700K (Warm White): Create a cozy ambiance for family dinners.
    • 3000K (Soft White): Strike the perfect balance between warmth and clarity for everyday cooking.
    • 3500K (Neutral White): Achieve a clean and focused light for tasks like chopping and reading recipes.
    • 4000K (Cool White): Enjoy bright and energetic lighting, ideal for cleaning and precision work.
    • 5000K (Daylight White): Experience the vibrancy of natural daylight, enhancing visibility and infusing liveliness into your kitchen.
  • Vivid Color Representation: With an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+, this under cabinet LED lighting fixture ensures that your kitchen is bathed in light that faithfully represents colors. Cooking and food preparation become visually rich experiences.
  • Energy Efficiency and Savings: The advanced LED technology delivers superior lighting quality while being energy-efficient. By switching to the 5CCT LED task bar, you can potentially reduce your electricity bills while enjoying brilliant illumination.
  • Power Flexibility: Either opt for a 120V plug and cord or a separate hardwire power cord for installation flexibility.
  • Precise Lighting Control: Dimmable functionality compatible with TRIAC dimmers lets you adjust brightness to suit any situation.
  • Configuration Possibilities: Seamlessly link multiple units, up to 200W, using connectors or jumper cords (available separately) to create tailored lighting configurations.
  • Quick Installation: Designed for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, the slim profile of the 5CCT LED task bar integrates elegantly into your kitchen without overpowering its aesthetics.
  • Reliability and Warranty: Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, this LED lighting solution offers longevity and consistent performance.

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  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
Product Code LEDLB-5CCT-XX 10 12 18 24 36 48
Electrical Input Voltage 120V AC 120V AC 120V AC 120V AC 120V AC  
Power Consumption 3,5W 5W 8W 12W 16W 20W
Max Wattage per run 200W
Specs Colour Temperature 2700 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 5000K
CRI 90
Lumen Output 290 443-541 652-771 966-1134 1199-1393 1599-1892
Efficacy (Lm/W) 82.8 98.4 88.75 82.5 81.25 87.5
Dimmable Yes, with TRIAC dimmers
Beam Angle 110°
LED Type SMD2835
Life Span 35,000 Hours
Spacing N/A
# per foot / unit N/A
Design Dimensions Inches (l;h;w) 9 3/4; 1 5/16; 13/16’’ 12 3/8; 1 5/16; 13/16’’ 17 1/2; 1 5/16; 13/16’’ 22 5/8; 1 5/16; 13/16’’ 34 7/16; 1 5/16; 13/16’’ 46 1/4; 1 5/16; 13/16’’
Dimensions mm (l/h/w) 247 / 33 / 20mm 315 / 33 / 20mm 445 / 33 / 20mm 575 / 33 / 20mm 875 / 33 / 20mm 1175 / 33 / 20mm
Finish Colour / trims White
Product Material Aluminum and acrylic
Max Single Run Length 40Ft
Custom Cuttable N/A
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 40°C
Approved Location Damp
Mounting Via included brackets
Warranty 5 years
Approvals cETLus for indoor use
Accessory - 12” jumper cable


12” jumper cable

Accessory - 18” jumper cable


18” jumper cable

Accessory - 24” jumper cable


24” jumper cable

Accessory - 32” jumper cable


32” jumper cable

Accessory - 72” power cord and plug


72” power cord and plug

Accessory - 72” power cord for hardwire


72” power cord for hardwire

Accessory - Hardwire junction box With ON/OFF switch


Hardwire junction box With ON/OFF switch

Applications of the 5CCT LED Task Bar —

    • Under Cabinet Task Lighting:
      Install NSL’s 5CCT LED task bar beneath your kitchen cabinets for focused, shadow-free task lighting, making food preparation and cooking a breeze.
    • Over Cabinet LED Lighting:
      Elevate your kitchen’s style by positioning the lighting above your cabinets. It accentuates architectural details, decorative items, or cherished dinnerware, creating an elegant atmosphere.
    • Display Cases:
      Highlight collectibles, artwork, or valuable items with the lighting’s true color rendering, making them stand out and captivating observers.
    • Merchandising:
      For businesses, the LED light bar can transform spaces. Create inviting, well-lit shopping environments that attract customers and increase sales.
    • Wall Units and Bars:
      Extend the benefits beyond the kitchen. NSL’s 5CCT LED task bar can revitalize living areas and home bars with its slim profile and customizable lighting options.
    • Office Work Stations:
      Ensure a well-lit workspace with the LED light bar’s consistent and adjustable illumination, reducing eye strain for home offices or workstations.

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