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Bright Ideas in Exterior Lighting

How about some exterior lighting inspiration? There are design firms out there doing really interesting things when it comes to illuminating and creating interest in outdoor spaces. We thought it would be fun to take a closer look at a few examples that we found particularly innovative and/or noteworthy.

Before we do that, though, here are some considerations that typically factor into the design and development of exterior lighting installations like the ones you are about to see:

  1. Is the installation temporary or permanent?
  2. The amount of light trespass and/or light pollution in the area
  3. Color temperature, appropriate CCT for the application
  4. Controls and the ability to dim, change color or sparkle/flicker
  5. Pet and/or wildlife friendly 

And now for those examples:

Bright Idea #1: Illuminated See Saws

This exhibit, which has travelled around the globe as a temporary installation, uses LED lights and sound elements to create a fun and visually interesting interactive space.

Designer: CS Design (Conor Samson and Impulse Lateral Office was instrumental in the design and implementation)

Bright Idea #2: Urban Campfire Benches

This design met the goal of bringing a warm, inviting and dynamic sculpture to a high-end retail exterior environment. Years in development, the end result offers shoppers a respite and ability to experience a virtual campsite fireplace that mimics to the look of flames and integrates a dazzle effect around each central tree. This permanent installation will last for years to come, enhancing both the visitor and shopping experience.

Designer: DTAH Architects and team

Bright Idea #3: Neighborhood Friendly Park

This design helps to enhance both the safety and enjoyment of a public space adjacent to a major urban art gallery in Toronto. The design team did an exceptional job of incorporating all the design criteria to create a year-round functional space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Designer: WSP (Toronto), PFS Studio (Vancouver)

Though these three designs are very different, they all incorporate energy saving LEDs and controls to create effects and/or manage the lighting. You’ll notice the theme of warmer tones for the permanent installations and, very importantly, that the neighborhood park is both pet and wildlife friendly.

Even though we didn’t have a hand in these particular projects, we do carry a wide variety of lighting options that can be used to create beauty and interest outdoors – including our incredibly versatile family of Tape Lights and exterior products – some of which you can see in action here.

For help bringing your next ‘bright idea’ to life, please feel free to contact your local Sales Agent or a member of our Customer Care team.

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