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Now Available: NSL’s Field-Cuttable 120V AC eStrip for Customizable Lighting

Introducing the “120V AC eStrip” by NSL – the ideal solution for customizable and adaptable lighting. Created for professionals, this field-cuttable strip light provides unmatched flexibility for both short and long applications, up to 164 feet. Ideal for precise installations, the eStrip can be cut every 4 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for any setting, from kitchen under-cabinets to large architectural outlines.

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NSL’s Landscape Lighting Portfolio: Designed for Professional Needs

NSL's landscape lighting collection offers innovative solutions tailored for landscape architects and designers. The range includes robust floodlights, elegant pathway lights, and durable in-ground options, all engineered to enhance outdoor aesthetics and functionality. With features like energy efficiency and smart integration, NSL provides reliable, adjustable lighting suitable for any outdoor challenge, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance.

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Introducing High-Efficiency Bollard Lights to Elevate Outdoor Spaces

Elevate outdoor spaces with NSL's new high-efficiency bollard lights. Designed for durability and versatility, these fixtures offer a wide voltage range (120-347V AC), exceptional energy efficiency (over 92%), and customizable lighting options (CCT tuning and dimming). Ideal for enhancing pathways, gardens, and driveways, their robust construction and advanced features ensure long-lasting, reliable illumination.

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NSL Appoints Matthew Curtis as New Product Manager

NSL (and Magic Lite), acknowledged for its role in shaping electrical lighting solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Matthew Curtis as the new Product Manager. Bringing a wealth of experience, Matthew joins Magic Lite with an impressive background in product development and management. 

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Setting the Bar High: NSL Introduces a Space-Savvy 10-Inch 5CCT LED Solution

In response to the growing demand for 5CCT space-efficient lighting solutions, NSL is excited to announce the launch of the 10-inch 5CCT LED Task Bar. This undercabinet lighting solution is positioned to simplify the lives of contractors, architects, and lighting professionals working in narrow spaces, as well as to assist distributors in minimizing SKUs.

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Transforming safety, style, and design: NSL launches cutting-edge Fire Rated Thin Line fixture

Buffalo NY, October 31st 2023 – NSL, a trailblazer in the lighting industry for over 38 years, is poised to revolutionize perceptions of fire-rated fixtures. Our new product, the 5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line fixture, not only adheres to the stringent 2-hour fire rating requirements for multi-story buildings across the US but also offers industry-leading lumen output […]

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Chatham Bridge to be lit up every night of the year

Chatham's Third Street Bridge has transformed into a nightly spectacle, thanks to the recent installation of vibrant LED lighting. As part of a $14 million bridge rehabilitation project, the lights, powered by Magic Lite's RGB eStrip and DMX controllers, offer a dynamic display of colors.

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New video library highlights product features and best practices

News release: NSL announces the launch of a new video library offering detailed product features, installation instructions and inspiring application ideas addressing their customers’ most requested information in a way that’s quick, convenient and always available.

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How to install the T-LED Edge

The T-LED Edge Light is a great-looking, cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative to traditional flat panels – see how fast and easily it can be incorporated into an existing T-BAR ceiling in our latest video.

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