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Chatham Bridge to be lit up every night of the year

Chatham Bridge: Lighting done by National Specialty Lighting

Chatham’s Third Street Bridge was awash in colour Monday night, and it will remain that way from dusk to dawn going forward.

The LED lighting – installed in the bridge as part of a $14 million rehabilitation of the structure – was quietly turned on March 13th 2023. The installation features NSL’s RGB eStrip and DMX controllers, allowing for many festive colour changing options.

A video on The Chatham Daily News Facebook page of the light display reflecting off the Thames River drew an immediate response.

“The lights look outstanding,” one person commented “Chatham residents will enjoy this for years to come.”

Another person exclaimed: “Wow, that’s beautiful.”

“Loving my downtown life,” said another person. “We’re very excited about (the lights),” said Chatham-Kent’s director of engineering Chris Thibert. “We were tasked by the Mayor to come up with ways to really enhance not only the bridge project, but just really enhance our downtown and really try to promote attraction and promote tourism to our downtown,” he said. “NSL was selected as a provider of the lights based on their quality and ability to adapt to our desired outcome.

Credit: Chatham Daily News

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