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3 reasons why small = mighty when it comes to lighting manufacturers

Whether you are a specifier, installer, distributor or end-user of lighting products, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a manufacturer. Mergers and acquisitions have made large manufacturers larger with an ever-increasing array of products and services in their mix. So why consider a smaller independent lighting supplier?

Here are a few reasons you might find interesting.

1. Innovation

Quite often it is small manufacturers that brings new and revolutionary products to market for the first time.  Just look at the wide range of flexible, linear lighting products available today – most of them evolved from rope lite products introduced by small independent companies in the 80s and early 90s – including NSL.

2. Service

Not to say that large conglomerates don’t offer great service, but smaller manufacturer often go  above and beyond the norm in this regard.  Smaller companies work incredibly hard for their “share of the pie” and personalized service is often what sets them apart and earns them their business and reputation. 

Need an extra part delivered to a job site immediately or a custom solution to a unique lighting challenge?  Many small manufacturers – NSL included – thrive in these situations and are eager to help. 

3. Ease of doing business

Order customization, payment terms, quick delivery turn around, warranty support, access to instant answers – these are some of the many tools small manufacturers have at their disposal to make doing business with them easy. Their agility makes it easy for them to accommodate where larger firms may not be able to.

It can also be refreshing for a buyer or influencer to deal with a smaller manufacturer with the ability – and willingness – to ‘meet in the middle’ to create a win-win situation for both parties (as we do). Having direct access to both the leadership team and dedicated support staff is another distinct bonus of working with one of the little guys, which often leads to great long-term partnerships.

Of course, not all small companies will portray the traits mentioned above and one must be diligent in vetting candidates when choosing whether to do business with a particular supplier.  But there are hundreds of established and highly capable smaller lighting manufacturers out there eager to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship – including this one. If you’re looking for a supplier of top-quality architectural and specialty lighting products that ticks the boxes above (and many more!), we’d love to hear from you.

In business since 1988, National Specialty Lighting is proud to provide top-quality architectural and specialty lighting products for the American market – backed by unparalleled customer service.

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