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Function meets form when it comes to entranceway lighting

When it comes to selecting exterior wall lighting for commercial or residential condo entrances, the decision typically comes down to utility/cost. As a result, the client ends up with a functional prismatic or downward directional luminaire which achieves the basic function – but has little to offer in the way of aesthetics.

What if we told you there was a solution that balanced the need for a cost-effective utilitarian solution with architectural interest?

Allow us to introduce the NSL Wall Sconce, which includes the option of three unique covers and three distinct light patterns – for the price of a traditional “wall pack”.  This standardized IP65, exterior-rated backplate, offering bidirectional illumination allows for quick mounting on an existing outlet box (no remote mounting of drivers). This is then covered with one of the three shroud options offering an architecturally pleasing look that enhances the entrance to the place of business or residence.  This low wattage fixture (15w) is available in three finishes – black, bronze and silver – to suit most brick, concrete and other wall exteriors.

For facilities or campuses with different buildings on the same site, the shroud differentiation may provide greater visibility and easier wayfinding. And entranceways are just the tip of the iceberg; the NSL Wall Sconce lends itself to a wide range of applications both exterior and interior. Click the short video below to see it in action:

If you’d like to learn more – or discuss whether this fixture is a fit for your application, please email us at, your local Sales Agent or a member of our Customer Care team.

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